Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Millennium


Jennifer Uhlich said...

Hi Anthony!

My father gave me your blog addy. Your paintings are wonderful; I'm especially liking the New Millennium images. They resonate with me.

. . . I daresay there's even a story between them, the more I look at them . . .

I'm so glad to see your work again!



Anonymous said...

Animals! And more Animals! How I love them! Anthony S., I love all of your artwork! They are so powereful in meaning. You know your work and how to use your textures! You are an amazing artist and I hope someday I can continue on to become as great of a painter as you.


Ruben said...

Hi Anthony, L-O-V-E your incredible work! WOW! It was really great meeting you at Thanksgiving at Laurie, Erica and Fannie's home. I am so glad that you got to meet my mom and sister. They were both glad to meet everyone. Laurie and I will be coming to the city to see your work. I am very excited!! Thanks for putting up with my singing! LOL
Ruben Martinez